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iGlarLixi, Insulin glargine and Lixisenatide fixed-ratio combination, in older adults with type 2 diabetes: efficacy and safety

A study has assessed the efficacy and safety of iGlarLixi ( a titratable, fixed-ratio combination of Insulin glargine [ iGlar ] plus Lixisenatide ) in older patients with type 2 diabetes.

The post hoc analysis used patient-level data from patients aged greater than or equal to 65 years from the phase III LixiLan-O and LixiLan-L studies, which compared iGlarLixi with iGlar and Lixisenatide ( LixiLan-O only ).

Efficacy endpoints were changes in glycated hemoglobin A1C, fasting plasma glucose, postprandial glucose, weight, and achievement of A1C less than 7.0% ( 53 mmol/mol ).
Safety measures included incidence of documented symptomatic hypoglycemia ( defined as typical symptoms of hypoglycemia plus self-measured plasma glucose less than or equal to 70 mg/dL [ 3.9 mmol/L ] ), severe hypoglycemia ( requiring assistance of another person ), and incidence of gastrointestinal adverse events.
Results were compared with those from patients aged less than 65 years.

In both trials, older patients treated with iGlarLixi achieved significantly greater reductions in A1C at Week 30 than comparators.

The treatment with iGlarLixi mitigated Insulin-associated weight gain and Lixisenatide-associated gastrointestinal events.

Results were largely comparable between patients aged greater than or equal to 65 versus less than 65 years.

In conclusion, iGlarLixi provides significant improvements in glycemic control in patients aged greater than or equal to 65 years without increasing hypoglycemia risk.
As a once-daily injection, it simplifies treatment regimens and may contribute to improved adherence in this patient population. ( Xagena )

Handelsman Y et al, J Diabetes Complications 2018; Epub ahead of print